It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it." -Lena Horne

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Forever I will be changed
through his grace I am saved
even though my thoughts are insane
my mind wonders all over the place
I make huge mistakes
I say his name in vain
still my soul remains
change your ways "it" says
come back to his love
as the years go by I push the voice back deeper within me
I can feel it slip away
each day a little less is there
I feel myself belonging more to the world then to him
finally it leaves
forever I will be changed
come back to me, my mind screams
but it does not answer
my soul is gone

Thursday, June 24, 2010


as it deepens I can feel my heart pulsating
the pain, I cant take no longer
the strokes are deep and quick
yet I do not make a sound
The feeling starts to become numb
As i think "I will remember this forever"
my bottom lips quivers
I want to say stop, but I cant
its too late
whats done is done
do I regret it....No
Will I forget it...No
I dont regret it because I thought about it
I wont forget it because its permanent
as the ink heals my skin will forever be scared
a scar that I wanted
My Tatoo

Urban Decay!

Does life still go on...

Love Amber Rose

My Black Is Beautiful

Inspirational more ways then one :)

My Dream Ring

Isn't it Lovely...

comptine d'un autre été - yann tiersen ( one of my favorite pianoist)






I thought I felt it once
my mind thought about you
my heart slowed down when i said your name
my feelings remained balance
you were my light for the moment
my paper to express how i felt
I trusted you
I believed in you
I thought you were it
my motives were unintentional
but as i gazed in your eyes i felt safe
my heart widened
my eyes opened
my soul deepened
my body yearned
I smiled, I laughed, I cried
your joy brought me life
your smile kept me happy
immaculate you were
but that was what I concurred
instead i betrayed myself
logic was dismayed
truth was hidden
wrong became right
and as I lived in this fantasy
I knew soon that I would have to awaken
This is LOVE


I Lie to mask the truth,
I Lie to cover my youth,
I Lie to protect you,
My Lies are not foreign nor diverse,
They are common,
Full of fake worth,
Validating my lies as Lauren hill says,
I seem to find truth among the fallacies,
The truth about myself that I mask,
Lies Lies Lies,
Common ground that the world shares,
Lying and not giving a care,
Watching your love one hurt,
You lie,
supporting killing a baby,
you lie,
killing yourself inside,
slowly you committing suicide,
you lie,
what will it take to unmask these false truths that government seems to feed the youth,
walk with me to other side and you will see why we hide,
The truth is darker then any lie, so we must confide it,
ostracize it,
we commit the ultimate sin.....
Lies, Lies, Lies

Mr. Intentional

"Mr. Intentional"

Yeah, yeaaayh, yeah heh, yeah heh, yeah heh...
See the road to hell, is paved with good intentions
Can't you tell, the way they have to mention
How they helped you out, you're such a hopeless victim
Please don't do me any favors, Mr. Intentional
All their talk, is seasoned to perfection
The road they walk, commanding your affection
They need to be needed, deceived by motivation
An opportunity, to further situation
Why they so important, is without explanation
Please don't patrionize me, Mr. Intentional
Oh, ohhh, ohh ohhh
We give rise to ego, by being insecure
The advice that we go, desperatly searching for
The subconscious effort, to support our paramour
To engage in denial, to admit we're immature
Validating lies, Mr. Intentional
Open up yours eyes, Mr. Intentional
Stuck in a system, that seeks to suck your blood
Held emotionally hostage, by what everybody does
Counting all the money, that you give them just because
Exploiting ignorance, in the name of love
Stop before you drop because that's just the way it was
Please don't justify me, Mr. Intentional
Oh undementional, Mr. Intentional
Ohhh, oh don't you do me any favors
Ohhh, ohhhh, ohh ohhhh
Wake up you've been sleeping
Take up your bed and walk
Stop blaming other people
Oh it's nobody else's fault
Except the truth about you
You know that life goes on without you
And your expensive misinventions
Disguising your intentions
Don't worship my hurt feelings, Mr. Intentional
Oh, oh oh oh
See I know you can't help me, Mr. Intentional
The only help I need to live, is unprofessional
The only wealth I have to give, is not material
And if you need much more than that, I'm not available
Please don't entertain me, Mr. Intentional
Oh I dont need your sympthy, Mr. Intentional
Stay away from me, Mr. Intentional
So undementional, Mr. Promotional, Mr. Emotional, Mr. Intentional
Ohhh ohhhh, ohhhh

lauryn hill unplugged mr intentional

The only wealth I have to give not Material!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raheem Devaughn - Bulletproof (feat. Ludacris)

Whats wrong with curves...........


Why Be Plastic when you can be real?


My wonderful sister

There's a lot to be said about someone so great and amazing, I have always looked up to this individual and wanted to accomplish half the goals that she herself had achieve. She's my sister. No one can compare to her. Even though we had a troubled childhood together (not getting along) there is nothing in the world that I would not do for her. She has taught me that the only things I need to make it in this life are; believe in myself and trust in the lord. She really is a blessing from God. I hope she will continue to support and encourage me throughout my life's journey! Love you earring :)

Mac Barbie!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He showed me Proverbs 31:30

I was sitting next to my new friend, when he asked me....why do girls tell other girls they're pretty? Thats weird!
As I tried to explain to him that its okay if another girl thinks i am pretty or visa versa, I was curious to know what he thought of me. So I asked. Being the person he is he just told me he rather not say, instantly i became mad. My attitude and demeanor quickly changed from happy to irritated. He could tell something was wrong and apologized profusely. After I gave him the quiet treatment he tapped me on the shoulder. As I slowly turned my head, thinking he was going to tell me i was pretty, he pointed at the bible and showed me this verse...

For Him :)

My Life!

I could really use a wish everyday...

My life is an oxymoron, and in complete disarray, luckily for me I have incredible friends that I can lean on along the way.

First you have my girl Michelle, she has been the rock in my life. Whenever I need some advice or counsel she is typically the first person I go to.

Next Rosy, she is the friend that always keeps it real, she tells it like it is and is 100% with you always.

thirdly, my Girl Kanitra, words cannot describe how I feel about her, I never had a friend more reliable and sweet as her. I can go to her with anything knowing that she will not judge me and will support me through it all.

forthly my girl Mya,even though I always say she steals my clothes, she is my ride or die chick, I know she has my back and looks out for my best interest. We have a love/hate relationship...well the hate is on my part lol, but thats my girl and I love her to death!

Finally, My nigga!! Devin Reeves! he has been down for me since the eighth grade, and even though he moved to Washington D.C. we still keep in touch. I know no matter what we will always be friends, our love for each other is like no other!

and the Newbie! Kyle, he is wonderful! down to earth and he is also down for me, we have the best times together and he is truly one of a kind. He is also leaving me togo to D.C and then joining the Air Force... I wish him the best!! ILY

Beauty comes within

Listen to your soul

Mia Rose - Let Go (Version 1)


Beauty is Vain
So why do all beautiful minds think the same,
how come young girls aspire to be like the models on TV,
then envy the girl that the models want to be.
watching the media and finding pics in magazines,
girls want to look good so bad, they start to do crazy things,
harming their precious bodies by throwing up,
when will we have role models instead of models that will show-up
Show these girls that beauty comes from with-in
but beauty is vain and really just a sin...